At the Visual Effects Society Awards, “The Walking Dead” is nominated for Stargate Studios’ work on the zombie apocalypse. The show’s producer, legendary action producer Gale Anne Hurd, came to support the team and hopefully bask in the victory. On the red carpet, I spoke with Hurd about season two scoops for “The Walking Dead.”

Q: What are you excited to explore in the next season?

Gale Anne Hurd: We had six episodes to set up the world and to introduce the characters and now I think we can go even more deeply into each of our ensemble cast members.

Q: So each one could maybe star in their very own episode?

GAH: Exactly, we’ve had stories that concentrate on one character or another and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of that this season.

Q: Who have we not heard from enough yet?

GAH: I think there’s still a lot more that we can learn from Daryl, the Norman Reedus character. I think that episodes focusing on Lori played by Sarah Wayne Callies, we’ve got a great triangle between Rick, Laurie and Shane. I have a sneaking suspicion that might be something we’re going to explore even more deeply in the new season.

Q: Do you wish you’d done more than six?

GAH: You know, we barely survived the six so now we’re geared up and we’ve got it dialed in so now we have the energy and I think the right team in place to do 13.

Q: Do you have any new zombie ideas to explore?

GAH: I think we pretty much set up the world of zombies. They’re not insane bolt sprinters. I think Greg Nicotero’s makeup effects are tremendous. We’re here because Stargate was nominated for best supporting visual effects and I think their work is seamless and we’ll be able to give them more to do this season.