Comic book movies have taken over the theaters, so why can't comic book-y TV shows take over the cable tubes? One problem is that most of them are terrible. "Heroes," "The Cape," "No Ordinary Family," probably "Wonder Woman," and the awful list continues. However, I'm optimistic about the FX pilot "Powers." Like the hit show"The Walking Dead," it's based on a beloved series from Image Comics. "Powers" has also gotten off on the right casting foot.

Brian Michael Bendis' series focuses around a police department investigating murders related to "powers," or people with superpowers, who are commonplace in their world. Charles S. Dutton ("Roc," "House") will star as Captain Cross, Head of the Department. He's a strong, magnetic actor who I don't see enough of. Sometimes I'll be eating breakfast, or taking a jog, and I'll say to myself, "hey... Charles S. Dutton." At which point, I'll go on YouTube and watch his episode of "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" Cutter's Treasure, you guys.

The "Powers" pilot will be directed by Michael Dinner, and adapted by Charles H. Eglee. (Hollywood Reporter)