Just like in any relationship, FX is crawling back to Ryan Murphy now that he's with a better looking (higher profile) significant other (network). That metaphor makes significantly less sense than the announcement that Ryan Murphy and his "Nip/Tuck" co-EP Brad Falchuk have sold a pilot to FX. It all seems pretty standard, except that there's no actual information about the pilot, titled "American Horror Story." What's it about? Singing plastic surgeon ghosts? We don't know. Who's starring in it? Singing kids in ghost wheelchairs? No idea! We know it's a pilot, that it'll be shooting in April, 20th Century Fox TV is producing, and that Murphy, Falchuk and Dante Di Loreto are executive producing. We also know that FX's President and GM, John Landgraf, is really excited about it, although why wouldn't he be? Murphy is a cash cow, and has found a way to both develop a new cable property and still have time to run his incredibly successful network show,"Glee," at the same time. There is only one explanation for his unfaltering productivity: the man is a kitch robot, and if he becomes sentient, we are all doomed. (Deadline)