Word on the streets of Tinseltown (ugh) is that FX is considering spinning its successful original programming into two different networks. FX would remain as the channel for your drama and more mature (pronounced "ma-tour") viewers, whereas FXX would be created to accomodate those young drunken animals who like things like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League.

While the split is supposed to be along the lines of viewer age, rather than program content, it's sounding like the drama stays on FX and the comedy goes to FXX, with dramedies like Wilfred and Louie being cut in half in an ill-advised attempt at fairness.

This change isn't purported to be immediate, so if you're crying and rocking back and forth thinking about the prospect of having to memorize a new station number, take a deep breath and enjoy these precious few moments before everything goes to shit.