FX wasted no time ordering up 13 episodes of Ryan Murphy's next original series American Horror Story. The Glee mastermind created the show with fellow Glee mastermind Brad Falchuk. Starring Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, and Jessica Lange, the psychosexual thriller (I'm already on board) "centers on a therapist and his wife who, dealing with the aftermath of the husband's adultery, move with their kids into a new house that seems to know their fears and plays on them." Oh God, please don't tell me Sandra Bernhard is doing stand-up in every room.

FX has been hot on the show ever since Murphy said, "I have an idea." They even wrote it in big red letters with little hearts on their fall calendar before the pilot was ordered to series, and have now officially set it to premiere October 5. In creating it, Murphy and Falchuk took inspiration from classic 1970s horror movies, including Rosemary's Baby, Don't Look Now and The Shining. If the series turns out to be half as awesome as it sounds, we could be in for a nice companion to The Walking Dead. No, not the Sandra Bernhard special. (Deadline)