FX Developing A Show About A Stuntman, A Job That Existed Before CGI

Thursday, February 21 by
This is an example of a stuntman as portrayed by modern media.  

FX has announced that it’s developing a series around the professional and personal life of a stuntman who for some reason isn’t named Crash McCoy, but rather Doc Dixon (good, not great). It’s going to be one of those shows where he’s got a cuh-razy job during the day, then he comes home to a cuh-razy family, and everything is just overwhelming for this everyman, the Willy Loman of car crashes, if you will.

The series is titled Crash and Burn, so why they didn’t retrofit the show to feature TWO stuntmen, Dale Crash and Sawyer Burnside (“Burn,” if you will) is completely beyond me.

I realize that this article hasn’t divulged much about the show, but that’s the price I pay for making fun of cable-TV cliches and reveling in pun titles. The show will be produced by folks from The Walking Dead (good) and Necessary Roughness (zuh?).

No actor has been cast in the lead yet, but, fuck it, Tom Jane.

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