You have to hand it to Chris Hardwick on his ability to create and thrive in a profession that didn't even exist two years ago: Person who talks about TV shows on TV after that TV has just aired. I'm pretty sure that's the box he checks on his tax return.

Hardwick will host a pre-show which presumably discusses how great the finale WILL BE, then an after show that will discuss how great the finale WAS.

If that sentence reads as a little cynical, it is. It's difficult to reconcile his credibility as a podcaster and pop culture commentator with his ubiquity as a nerdy TV show hypeman. However, I will be willing to cast all cynicism aside if, after one of these shows, he just bashes the finale and speaks to how the program's one final misstep will tarnish the legacy of the show for the rest of time.

The panel discussions will include Futurama creators David X. Cohen and Matt Groening, as well as many of the voice actors. Duh.

The pre and post shows will stream on Comedy Central's website, so if you're not in love with the idea, don't worry, they won't be clogging up your precious TV airwaves.