For an entire generation of adults, Jeff Franklin's name might as well be embedded on the Golden Gate Bridge, as his ubiquitous hit show taught us of San Francisco way before we were turning tricks on Haight or slamming junk in the Tenderloin.

There's news floating around today that Full House is coming back, with purported quotes from Franklin himself, claiming that the entire cast is coming back as their original characters.


The stories link to this "paper" here, which reveals an April Fool's prank. I'll admit this caught me off guard, because early November is the time that I'm least prepared for an April Fool's prank. In all honesty, this story is written largely because I had written half an article to find out the story was fake, and want to keep anyone else from getting their hopes up.

Hope it works! Maybe this groundswell of sadness will be just the thing needed to get Jeff Franklin off his cookie dough-ass and writing more Full House.

Kimmy Gibler, when you hear the phone not ringing, that's the producers not calling.