‘Fringe’ Gets 4th Season Despite No One Watching 1st-3rd

Thursday, March 24 by

You just can’t say “no” to J.J. Abrams, which Fox is finding out. “Lost” and Star Trek were big hits, Super 8 is hotly anticipated, and he looks at you with these big puppy dog eyes. As soon as a Fox executive in the room says, “the ratings were low again this year,” Abrams flashes the big eyes and “Fringe” gets another season pickup. And they also gave him a new pilot too (“Alcatraz“), just because.

The Fox lot, which was constructed in an alternate universe where”Fringe” is a hit, ordered more episodes to fill the black hole that is Friday evenings. Though the last episode hit a ratings low point, the show has nailed down a key demographic: Fox entertainment chiefs. Kevin Reilly recently said, “It’s a fantastic show, and honestly I’d be heartbroken if it went away.” Too bad”Arrested Development” didn’t get the same kind of influential fan base. (Hollywood Reporter)

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  1. March 24, 2011 7:23 pm


    Such a biasly written article. Do you think you used enough extreme adjectives and cynicism?

    Fringe is actually a really great show.

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