[post-album postid="8282" item="4"]Frank Darabont was a double winner at the Saturn Awards. The Walking Dead won Best TV Presentation, and Darabont himself was awarded the George Pal Memorial Award by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror. With everyone in attendance excited about season two of The Walking Dead, Darabont had a few spoilers to share.

“I don’t think it’ll come as any surprise to anyone who reads the comic books that Hershel will be part of [the show] this year,” Darabont said. “We’ll be delving into that area of the comic book.”

Perhaps a more subtle reveal about season two is the idea that the characters are all familiar now. The stories can go beyond superficial conflicts and delve into how these people really function as a society.

“Those relationships are developing. These people are actually really getting to know each other over the course of this season. Largely they were strangers from one another in the first season except for a few of those characters, obviously. Now they’re becoming just one big dysfunctional family and that’s really fun to write. That’s really fun to concoct the stories and be in the room with the writers that I have and talk through all the possibilities.”

Darabont also revealed the plot of episode one. Luckily, I’m totally obsessed with survivors finding supplies in the wasteland, so he related to me enough to share this.

“The first episode really is about that. The first of season two is all about geez, we’ve got no gas, our clothes just blew up, we have no food. Where do we go? What do we do? Yeah, the very first episode is about finding a source of some supplies. That’s not really what drives the plot but it is definitely a major factor.”

The Walking Dead is back in production, to return with 13 new episodes this October.