Frank Darabont Changes The Name Of His TV Show So People Don’t Think ‘L.A. Noir’ Is Based On A Video Game

Tuesday, January 29 by
Uh-oh. It's never good when cars are in fields at night.  

Despite the fact that he’s Frank Darabont, and he’s above adapting video games (though not graphic novels), the popular director/producer has flinched in a game of chicken with Rockstar games, the makers of L.A. Noire, a video game that contains virtually the exact same content as the pilot Darabont’s pitching to TNT.

Cops, gangsters, smoke, 1940’s, dames. All that jazz.

So, Darabont has decided to switch things up and call his drama pilot Lost Angels, which makes it sound like a spiritual science fiction fashion. So the title is equally confusing, but not in a way that could get someone sued.

Darabont claimed that the video game makers threatened to “sue the shit out of him,” while Rockstar claims they simply had “concern over the confusion.”

Lost Angels it is, then.

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