Fox To Air Three-Hour Live ‘Grease’ Musical

Monday, April 28 by
They'll be long dead by the time this airs.  

After seeing the numbers that the Sound of Music Live! pulledin for NBC, Fox is all, “Hey. We want what you have!” so they’re teeing up a Grease musical. I guess they figured they would shift the demographic in their crosshairs from those who love The Sound of Music, to those who are slightly too young to love The Sound of Music, but are still incredibly old.

The “event” will air in 2015, and since the whole thing is just being announced now, we don’t have much in the way of casting details, but we’ll all probably be spared any of the original cast, as Travolta might be able to play a 20-something these days, but a teenager is a bit of a stretch.

Of course, Fox’s move isn’t without precedence, as they managed to fight long odds and an incredibly annoying premise with Glee. They know what they’re doing when it comes to shoving annoying stuff down our throats.


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