The Bones universe is far, far too large to be contained in just one hour per week. Fortunately, Fox realizes this and solves the problem with 'The Finder.' The new "Bones" spin-off will be introduced in episode 19 of this season, giving America three lovely hours to fall in love with Geoff Stults, who, it was announced today, will play the titular Finder.

What else do we know about "The Finder"? The character is based on "The Locator" series of books from Richard Greener. They seem to be a very literal bunch producing these shows. The finder is a locator. Got it. His partner will be played by Michael Clarke Duncan, wh I am obligated to tell you is an Oscar nominee for his work in The Green Mile.

It seems more than a little goofy that the show is being considered a spinoff when it's pretty clear that the producers are shoehorning this character into the final three episodes of this season solely for the purpose of building an audience for the new show's premiere. It should be more accurately be described as a "Bones"-incubated show, rather than a spinoff. But that's wordy.

"Tune in to Fox this for "The Finder." If you're a fan of "Bones," then you'll fall in love with the new show from the people tangentially associated with it! Tuesdays this fall, after all-new episodes of "Are You Smarter Than a Haitian?"(Deadline)