Director Gore Verbinski and writer Terry Rossio are turning the crime procedurial on its ass. They're putting a supernatural twist on the cop/legal drama, setting up "Magical Law" at Fox. The show takes place in "a world where the existence of supernatural beings is commonplace and follows the specialized cops and lawyers who face the unique challenges of prosecuting otherworldly crimes." Verbinski could possibly direct if Fox decides to produce the pilot.

The title "Magical Law" makes me think more of wizards than ghosts, not that that would be any less ridiculous. Would people really watch a show with such a far out premise? And what could the consequences even be if, let's say, an expatriate ghost is accused of the high crime of ghost treason? The death penalty? Hellooooo, they're already dead! I'm sure they'll come up with a Ghostbusters/Men in Black spirit holding chamber or whatever, but those movies were comedies. I doubt I'll give two craps if a car thief specter gets off on an ectoplasm technicality. (Deadline)