Because what the hell else are they going to do with all this zombie crap everywhere, AMC has formally announced what we all knew in our heart of hearts to be true: The Walking Dead is getting picked up for a fifth season, lest Chris Hardwick be relegated to a life where he only talks about TV shows on a podcast, and not on a TV show of his own.

Even the president of AMC himself was bored with the news. Charlie Collier, through a release said, "We are very happy to make what has to be one of the most anti-climactic renewal announcements ever:  The Walking Dead is renewed for a fifth season."

Hahaha. See? They're having fun with it. I bet that company OWNS casual Friday. Dockers and Tommy Bahama everywhere.

C0llier then went on to praise the fans and those involved with the show, then snorted a gram of coke off a family photo on his desk and cancelled his son's kindergarten tuition check.

(The last sentence didn't actually happen.)