Isn't it always the case that whenever you pull off some really great move or trick, there's no one around to see it?

Once when I was little, I was skateboarding, and my board got away from me in the street, a car ran it over, and it sprung about 25 feet into the air. I caught the board with one hand, then set it down and immediately resumed skateboarding.

Now just imagine instead of catching an errant skateboard, you chugged a couple quarts of donkey cum.

It appears that NBC has pulled a now-infamous Fear Factor episode in which contestants drink donkey semen. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don't know the logistics of Fear Factor, so I don't know if the winner gets paid if the episode doesn't air, but I would think that if the winner does still get paid, I would rather no one see it and collect my money. Of course the most desirable outcome would be getting paid and not guzzling semen, but it would appear that ship has sailed.

TMZ reports that no programming guides are carrying that episode, instead showing a rerun in its place. Further, online promos have been pulled.

What a nasty start to the week. Just awful.