It was announced by FX this morning that the critically-acclaimed FX shows Louie and Fargo will be picked up for fifth and second seasons respectively. Fargo managed to get the network 18 Emmy nominations, which is the most in FX's history, and Louie scored 5 nominations, including Best Comedy. And considering Louie looks like it costs about $7,200 per episode to make, it's probably a good value to the network, even with a niche audience.

Fargo will be back with 10 episodes, and an entirely new cast and premise. No word on if it will still maintain its Fargo-ish setting, but I would hope so, otherwise they would call it Miami, or Denver, right?

Louie will be back in the spring after a LONG gap between seasons 3 and 4. However, the (relatively) relatively quick turnaround comes at a cost – the new season will consist of a scant 7 episodes.