‘Family Guy’ Disproves Adage “You Can’t Parody a Parody” With Spoof of ‘The Hills’

Wednesday, April 29 by

Lauren Conrad will be on the next episode of "Family Guy" and she looks hot – much hotter than real life. This takes air brushing to a whole new level. Speaking of hot, the teaser on YouTube is white hot and funny as "hill." See how I did that? I replaced the word "hell" with "hill." Ya know, cuz it’s witty and stuff.

This spoof contains one of the best sight gags for Quagmire I’ve ever seen. I’ll give you a hint. Finish the sentence, "As long as I have a face…" There’s dog poop sex talk and a love triangle straight out of "The Hills…of Kentucky." See? I did it again! Rightin’s easy.

Of course all of this does beg the question, "Which show is the real cartoon?"

Check it out here…

- Article by Byrne Offutt (that’s pronounced "Burn Off It")

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