Here’s the third installment of your guide to the new fall TV shows and this time I dish out wisdom about the sitcoms centered around a family. Please don't confuse these shows with 'family sitcoms' -- the shows like "Full House" and the one with Urkel that were ‘kid safe’ and painfully lacking in humor. These are sitcoms that are made for adults and just happen to be about a family. There aren't many of these debuting this fall, but there is one you definitely want to tune in to.

WATCH IT: “$#*! My Dad Says” (CBS), Thursdays at 8:30 pm (ET) 

It has been about a year since former HolyTaco managing editor Justin Halpern started tweeting his dad's wise and wonderfully crass rants. Now the TV show has been picked up for the season with William Shatner playing the dad in the title and Halpern writing and producing with ex-ScreenJunkies managing editor Patrick Schumacker. Shatner -- regardless of what you think about his acting abilities -- has proven to be TV gold and the idea of him spouting off to his sitcom son is going to be a good way to spend a Thursday evening.

I know what you may be thinking. That we selected this show for the WATCH list because of the connection to the Break family. But this certainly isn't the case. They don't return our calls, texts, emails, or well-crafted ransom notes anymore. We just know they're funny dudes and the show is guaranteed to make you laugh.

SKIP IT: “Better With You” (ABC), Wednesdays at 8:30 pm (ET) 

This is one of those shows that slips through and gets picked up because it will 'fill a slot' until something better comes along. It's not offensive to most people, it isn't pretending to be high brow, and it has a couple of recognizable faces that middle-aged women will tune in to see. All this adds up to a boring thirty minutes where the only entertainment you'll get is the occasional Geico commercial.


Just watch the preview for the proof of dreadfulness. I haven't heard a misuse of a laugh track like that since, well, never.



“Raising Hope” (FOX), Tuesdays at 9 pm (ET)

A dark comedy about a crazy family pitching in and helping the son raise a daughter from a one night stand he had after the girl’s mom gets sentenced to death row. It's got "My Name is Earl" peeps behind it and it did nab a decent time slot given its audience won't have many other options that night. The preview doesn't blow me away -- Cloris Leachman aside -- so this one might be disappear soon.