Here’s my latest brilliant assessment of the new fall TV shows. This week it’s time to scrutinize sitcoms about couples. While these sitcoms can sometimes be confused with sitcoms about family -- which I have already broken down for you -- these shows focus on the daily shenanigans of a particular couple, or couples.

Let’s take a look...

WATCH IT: “Perfect Couples” (NBC), Midseason

This comedy initially sounded like it was going to be majorly lame. The description smacked of “Friends” except with three engaged couples. Then the more I got exposed to the show and saw some clips, the more I couldn’t help but want to see it. It’s got a dude from “30 Rock” and one from “Friends” as executive producers and Andy Ackerman (“Seinfeld”) directed the pilot. Guys like that behind it is usually a good sign. Plus, it has Olivia Munn in it and in case you haven’t noticed, she’s pretty hot.

The series won’t be on until midseason -- which used to be a bad sign for a show -- but lately a lot of shows have been able to rock it after being placed on the schedule for midseason. My opinion is “Perfect Couples” will be a good replacement for “Outsourced”, which looks like crap.

SKIP IT: “Mike & Molly” (CBS), Mondays at 9:30 pm (ET)

A sitcom about a couple that is large. As in fat. They fall in love and are trying to be not as flabby. In every clip I have watched, the jokes are stale and you can see them coming a mile away. The show is from Chuck Lorre (“Two and a Half Men” and “The Big Bang Theory”), so you can see where the humor will lie. Legendary TV director James Burrows is also involved, but he’s been involved in as much bad TV as he has good TV. And I’d much rather see Katy Mixon on “Eastbound & Down” than in a sitcom about overeaters.

The show does have the boring, but ratings-giant “Two and a Half Men” lead-in, so it’ll probably last. But I won’t be watching.



“Running Wilde” (FOX), Tuesdays at 9:30 pm (ET)

I’m not sure what to think about this one. The previews have not been mind-blowingly funny, but the guys from “Arrested Development” are behind it and that was one of the greatest comedies ever. Will Arnett and Keri Russell are the stars and Arnett is always great in supporting roles, so it will be interesting to see if he can carry his own series. He plays an immature rich kid trying to get back with his childhood love.

And did I mention David Cross is also in this? I want it to be good. I really do.