We’ve covered guys sitcoms and girls sitcoms, now let’s take a glance at something different. And for TV, this is something quite different. The TV powers must be looking to cash in on the recent wave of fairy tale-related material in production for the big screen, because they have scheduled two such shows to air this fall.

Both shows mix fairy tale shenanigans into a contemporary setting and the result is a world in which every nerd wants to live.


Once Upon a Time (ABC), Premieres Sunday, 10/23 at 8 pm (ET)

This show gets the nod for a few reasons. 1) The preview is better 2) Ginnifer Goodwin is in it and we’ve seen her naked on Big Love 3) Jennifer Morrison is the lead and is kinda’ hot; 4) Some of the writers from Lost are behind the show.

The story is about a woman who comes to the small town of Storybrooke and soon finds out that fairy tales and all their magic are actually happening for real and she has a connection to all of it. Seems a little dorky, but the preview promises enough geek thrills -- like a horse drawn carriage racing through a creepy forrest -- to beg for a watch or two. And who knows, it might shape up to be a guilty pleasure you can record and watch when your girlfriend is at work. Don’t laugh, I’ve done that sort of thing more than once.


Grimm (NBC), Premieres Friday, 10/21 at 9 pm (ET)

Grimm debuts two days before Once Upon a Time, but it’s a Friday show and you all know what I think about Friday primetime shows (hint: they suck). The preview is dark and ominous but lacks name actors like its competitor -- I forgot to mention that the uber-cool Robert Carlyle is also in Once Upon a Time -- and also has a weaker premise. Yes. A weaker fairy tale premise than the other show about fairy tales.

This one’s about a detective that begins to have visions and discovers that he’s one of the last Grimms of the famou Grimm family. All the visions turn out to be true, like the man that morphs into a wolf and goes after the female jogger in the woods that happens to be wearing a red jacket with a hood. Subtle stuff like that. This show will probably do okay with the Buffy crowd because they share the same executive producers and have a similar feel. But I say if you only have time for one fairy tale show this year, this shouldn’t be the one to make time for. Trust me. I’m a friend.