Every TV season promises us a new slew of crim fighting shows, and this one is no different.  This year, a couple of them have fantastical twists, while the other half are remakes of older shows. There are some name actors and creators behind them, so it’s a tight race.


Prime Suspect (NBC), Premieres Thursday, 9/22 at 10 pm (ET)

The original was a great British series starring Helen Mirren, and this version wins out over the rest because it appears to have some legs to it. No, I’m not referring to the legs of Maria Bello, who plays the lead, although her legs are worth watching. The "legs" here is the depth and longevity you want in a series.

Bello is a homicide detective that doesn’t get many breaks because she’s surrounded by male cops. She’s also good at what she does, or so the trailer says. This one does look to have some grittiness to it, as well as some decent acting and well written scenes if you’re into that sort of thing. NBC worked with Peter Berg on the acclaimed Friday Night Lights and he’s working on this show, too, so that’s a bonus.


Unforgettable (CBS), Premieres Tuesday, 9/20 at 10 pm (ET)

This is a perfect show for CBS. It’s a procedural with dangling backstories, uses edit trickery to hammer the evidence home to the viewer, and has the latest Top 40 ballad pounding during reflective ‘character moments’. Some people love this sort of show, like my grandmother, but I’m not going to bother.

If you are still interested after my hard sell, the series is about a woman with hyperthymesia, which means she remembers every detail of pretty much everything. Except -- the big twist! -- she can’t remember what happened when her sister was murdered years before. Her ex-partner/lover, played by Dylan Walsh, comes around to ask her to help with cases because she’s got such a crazy brain. And then every episode will be the exact same for all of eternity.


Person of Interest (CBS), Premieres Thursday, 9/22 at 9 pm (ET)

This show should have been a better competitor for the top spot in this category. It was created by Jonah Nolan, brother of Christopher Nolan and co-writer of the Batman flicks, J.J. Abrams is executive producing, and Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson from Lost are starring. But it just doesn’t blend all of these elements into a great show. This semi-okay show is about a guy that has created a social security number-based system to learn about people that are going to be involved in some sort of crime before it happens, pretty much like Minority Report. And Caviezel teams up with him to stop the badness from happening. Ho hum.

Charlie’s Angels (ABC), Premieres Thursday, 9/22 at 8 pm

Look, I can come up with many reasons to watch this show. Namely Minka Kelly, Rachel Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh. They’re hot, they shoot guns and blow things up. It’s a retooling of the campy, but great 70’s version but isn’t high quality viewing, but I have low TV morals, so I’ll give it at least one viewing.