Fall Entertainment Guide 2011

Dan Harmon Discusses Michael K. Williams, A Darker Tone For ‘Community’

Saturday, July 23 by
Dan Harmon discusses Michael K. Williams... 

Good news for fans of good television. As we discussed earlier today, Michael K. Williams (a.k.a. Omar from The Wire) is joining the cast of Community for its third season. According to series creator Dan Harmon, who spoke with me at San Diego Comic-Con, it was the intensity of Williams’ acting that ended up landing him the role, along with a desire to take the show into darker territory.

“Is the show too meta; how can you solve that? One answer is to add water, the other is to add intensity, to continue to be as crazy as you are but to focus the crazy and give it a purpose. Which is another way of saying add a little darkness and drama to the show.”

Harmon went on to say that executives at NBC might not want to hear that the show is taking a darker tone due to fears that the move may alienate potential viewers. But he believes such a move will make the series even more accessible to new viewers.

“I think the combination of grounded intensity with our insanity will create a show that people can appreciate and like episode to episode.”

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