Wow, it's been awhile since I've thought about Tea Leoni. I remember she was in Spanglish, and I'm actually surprised I remember Spanglish, let alone her involvement with the film. Well, now the Jurassic Park 3 star is headed to HBO, as hazy memories of the 90s slowly come back to me.

Leoni stars in "Spring/Fall," a half-hour HBO comedy pilot about the eventful, dysfunctional friendship of two women in NYC. Hmm... a half-hour show about women friends in New York City? I just can't imagine HBO airing a show like that. The pilot was written by Kate Robin ("Six Feet Under"), who'll serve as Executive Producer along with Leoni.

Wait... I'm remembering Tea Leoni's "The Naked Truth" on NBC, along with "Caroline In The City" and "The Single Guy." No - the Must See TV memories are taking over my brain. I must be going... "Stark Raving Mad" starring Tony Shalhoub. (Deadline)