I mean, I guess it shouldn't come as a huge surprise, considering Carson Daly is almost 39 years old, but you'd think that he'd be a corporate man, towing the company line, even long after he's left the network.

No such luck. Carson is more autonomous than it seems, according to a recent interview with Vulture. In it, he reveals, "No. I’ve never seen Jersey Shore. That’s not to knock it, it’s just not what I watch."

It's ok, Carson. You can knock it. We do all the time here at Screen Junkies, and our traffic has been trending upward something fierce.

In the interview, Carson also revealed that he had a revelation at Scores strip club with Lars Ulrich and Kid Rock, packs a flask when he has to do red carpet events, and works enough gigs to make Seacrest blush. (Besides The Voice, Daly does a four-hour radio show and his late-night show Last Call.)

But the big takeaway here is that he hates Jersey Shore as much as everyone else does.