With The Office wrapping things up this season, the cast and creators are now lining up their next gigs. Rainn Wilson will continue the role that made him famous with the the Dwight-centric, Schrute Farms. Angela Kinsey is developing Dirty Blondes. While Greg Daniels is working on an untitled show with Craig Robinson. Actually, make that two untitled shows -- the second starring Brian Baumgartner, best known as Dunder-Mifflin's resident dunderhead, Kevin Malone.

On the ABC series, Baumgartner stars as "Norman, a mid-level airline executive who fights to experience winning again… At anything." Like chili-wrestling? One can only dream.

The project has an excellent pedigree with Parks and Recreation's Harris Wittels writing. Say what you will about the appeal of Baumgartner and his ability to carry a show. He's consistently hilarious on The Office and looking at him just forces one to smile. He's the embodiment of joy.