Via The Playlist, Screen Junkies caught wind of ESPN's announcement that it will launch a program in the Fall called "30 for 30," a weekly hour-long series pairing famous filmmakers with sports subjects they care about. 

We can expect to see Barry Levinson cover the 1984 defection of the Baltimore Colts to Indy, and a Maysles' Bros. film about Muhammed Ali vs. Larry Holmes in '80, among others.  Not all have been announced (including the subjects of films from Spike Lee and Richard Linklater), but ScreenJunkies wondered where this series could go...

Now that we have your attention, here are a few other ESPN "30 on 30" projects we'd like to see:

5. Lars von Trier uses his Dogme '95 technique to film Nicole Kidman and the Eagles' "resident Bad-assador" Brian Dawkins talking against a white background for 60 minutes.  (Yes, the title would be Dawk'ville.)

4. Happiness's Todd Solondz does a straight up documentary of the Sergei Federov-Anna Kournikova love story called "The Only Way to Make This Any More Wrong Is To Add A Masturbating Amputee, but That's Crispin Glover Stuff."

3. Werner Herzog retells the story of the Red Sox defeating the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS.  The hook? The Red Sox are portrayed by an all-dwarf cast.

2. Michael Bay recreates the 1998 McGwire-Sosa home run race.  Soundtrack by Aerosmith.  Explosions by BALCO.

1. David Lynch uses the plot of Mulholland Drive as the key to understanding the BCS.