After seven years of being an unlikeable talk-show host, Chelsea Handler will be exiting E! n August, a few months before her contract ends. Why the sudden hurry? Well, Chelsea Lately has been falling off pretty rapidly in the ratings department, having fallen off about 33% from where she was in 2010, way back when people hadn't gotten sick of her.

Alas, here we are. Chelsea Handler is a somewhat bankable property, but probably not as a late-night flagship for a large cable network, and almost certainly not for a broadcast network. She rubs people, including, for the sake of full disclosure, this writer, the wrong way, and talked tons of shit about her current network, E!, to the point that it likely serves as a giant red flag for any prospective networks.

Also, she was involved in a romantic relationship with 50 Cent. That warrants mentioning for some reason.