‘Entourage’s’ Adrian Grenier Last to Know He Sucks

Tuesday, January 5 by

He got schooled by Matt Damon before and now an unruly concertgoer has jumped on the bandwagon. While performing at Harrah’s in Atlantic City with his band The Hone Brothers this past weekend, Adrian Grenier was accosted. "You suck, Grenier!," screamed a heroic citizen after rushing to the front row and throwing a drink at the Entourage star.

"Adrian looked shocked," recalls an eyewitness, "Security came running up to the stage and had the guy removed." Umm, to give him a medal I hope. Just kidding. Watch this video below. It’s all the proof you need that The Honey Brothers don’t suck (at sucking). 

(via NY Daily News)

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    Adrian Grenier and the Honey Brothers is the topic of this ongoing video series:

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