The creator of the HBO series "Entourage," Doug Ellin, has got his next project for HBO all lined up, much like a middle-aged white man would "line up" a putt at the golf course. It's a half-hour pilot called "40," "revolving around a group of male friends who help one another navigate life at 40, which isn't all they expected it to be." Oh, and it's set to star Ed Burns because why wouldn't it be set to star Ed Burns?

Wait! I know what you're thinking - "that sounds a lot like the TNT original series 'Men of a Certain Age.'" Well just stop right there, because this "40" project is nothing like that show. The characters on"Men of a Certain Age" are in their 50s, not 40. So, yeah, completely different. Plus this is on HBO, which isn't even TV. It's HBO. (via Variety)