‘Entourage’ Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui

Monday, July 13 by

“Entourage” made its triumphant return last night, and with it came the return of the adorable Emmanuelle Chriqui.  She took a long break from playing Sloan, Eric’s smoking hot girlfriend – much to the dismay of every heterosexual male who watches it in hopes of seeing attractive women (the same ones who watch to hear Ari say something cool that they can co-opt for themselves).  The producers and writers must’ve realized they were all morons for not featuring her on the show, and now she’s back.  All is right with the world (except the economy, of course).

A word from Emmanuelle: “You know, “Entourage” is the biggest surprise of my career. It’s never really been my dream to be on a TV series. But every pilot season, my agent wants me to do something. So this time I said, ‘Okay, look, if I do television, I want to do an HBO show.'”

It’s no surprise you’ll find hot photos of Emmanuelle after the jump.



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