The economically-depressed angry mobs of Egypt have absolutely no respect for our highly-paid news anchors. CNN's Anderson Cooper and ABC's Christianne Amanpour both report they were attacked by rioters while reporting from the streets of Cairo.

Anderson reports that he and his crew were overtaken by a group of Mubarak supporters who punched the anchor in the head ten times. I like to imagine he stood there and took it while his head bobbed up and down like a speed bag a la Leslie Nielsen.

"This Week" anchor Amanpour reports that she and her crew were surrounded and chased into their vehicle by a crowd shouting that they hate America. They then proceeded to smash the windshield on the fleeing vehicle. Way to go, Amanpour. That's just what we need. Another country all kinds of pissed at us.

Not that we bloggers have it any easier. Just last night, I had immense difficulty while opening a pudding cup. Got chocolate all over my favorite Spider-Man t-shirt. Now I've got to drop it off at the laundromat and you JUST KNOW it's going to take them a few days. (TIME and THR)