Eddie Murphy, an individual whose recent original ideas, when they haven't been lacking altogether, have been pretty abysmal (Meet Dave), is shopping around the best role of his career, for television, and he's got a pretty big name behind him.

Shawn Ryan, a man who hasn't been hurting for original ideas (The Shield, The Chicago Code, Terriers, Lie to Me, The Unit) has joined Murphy in drumming up some interest in a Beverly Hills Cop sequel that would follow Axel Foley's son as he tries to make a name for himself outside the shadow of his father. Murphy would make guest appearances, probably as Axel, and hopefully not as a big fat guy or a Klump.

The show has been pitched to two of the big four, with the other two pitches coming today. It's safe to say that this project has supplanted the Beverly Hills Cop 4 movie with Brett Ratner. Because Ryan > Ratner.