Ok, I might have been a little harsh on this show in my review of the pilot. It seemed scattered and weak. But now having watched the second episode, which featured the introduction of Will Ferrell as a slick, fast-talking, package-tagging used car salesman, I'm going to change up my tune. This is the reason you never judge a show by it's first episode.

My suspicion was that the show would get better if they really brought out Kenny's weakness beyond his obvious fits of curse-lade, brazen overcompensation. It's funny to watch him constantly remind the world what a badass he is but it only goes far in establishing his character. Then along comes Ashley Schaeffer (Ferrell). His Alpha temperament is exactly what the show needs to check the tough guy assaults of Powers. He busts Kenny balls (sometimes literally) in a way that toes the line between a good nature ribbing and straight up bullying. He is the guy that looks Kenny in the eyes and tells him that he is a giant, mulleted mound of shit. And the show starts to be something. 

There's one particular scene that did it for me.

After hitting a new type of rock bottom at the hand of Schaeffer, being heckled off of a celebrity showing at the used car lot (for which he is paid 2 notes) Powers decides it's a good idea to to show up at the school benefit dance he was supposed to chaperone. He take two things. 1. His seemingly homeless friend who's face is Krylon-stained from huffing, and 2) Ecstasy. There is an amazing slow motion sequence of the two as they strut into the balloon-filled middle school gymnasium, lights flashing, Kenny sweating and grinding his jaw from the pills, a crowd of pre-pubescent bodies gyrating. It is awesome.  And it ends in an inspired vomit-inducing dance number.

So the bottom line is that this show has got me now. I'll hold to my distinction that it's not going to put plaques on any executives' walls over at HBO, but it is pretty damn entertaining.