FX loves themselves some Dylan McDermott. Between once airing repeats of "The Practice" and that crossover episode of "Ally McBeal," you'd think they'd had their fill, but no. The network has just brought McDermz on as the lead in Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's "American Horror Story," and they're also in talks to let him develop, write, and maybe star in his own series. I know he's got that arresting gaze but, geez, ease up on the McDermott, FX Network.

In "American Horror Story," McDermott stars opposite Connie Britton, her boobs, and Jessica Lange. The plot is being kept under wraps but a pilot breakdown did provide this info about two characters:
Ben Harmon (McDermott), a handsome and masculine but sensitive therapist who loves his family but has hurt his wife, and Vivien Harmon (Britton), his gorgeous wife who is a force to be reckoned with. Lange plays their nosy neighbor, a role that has been beefed-up after her casting.

Masculine but sensitive. Probably uses Brut aftershave and wears turtle-neck sweaters the rest of us can't pull off. That's perfect casting. (Deadline)