I can’t believe they cancelled “Scrubs” after only nine seasons. I loved the show the whole way through, and I really liked what they were doing with the new medical students. I could have seen it going on like a comedy “ER” with a rotating cast of stars. At least we have nine years of abstract hilarity and gut punching emotion in the archives.

The menu screen is a hilarious brochure video for Winston University. That might be one of the most scathing “Scrubs” spoofs they’ve ever done. The six minute “Scrubbing In” featurette is the basic behind the scenes short explaining the new direction of the season. A little late, but I still liked where they were going with it.

The deleted scenes offer more “Scrubs” jokes but Bill Lawrence introduces them all and talks through most of them. Although he says funny things slamming network sponsors or his own cast, it would be nice to just see the scenes. There were some high fives from the Todd and fantasy sequences in there.

“Live from the Golf Cart” features the two campus security guards, in character, but Robert Maschio joins them as The Todd so I’m always happy to see him in character. It’s only two minutes long so it doesn’t get old and it’s a nice extra for uberfans. A short bloopers reel shows the cast mugging and blubbering. No big deal but it’s fun and they kept it brief.