‘Duck Dynasty’ Set Another Cable Ratings Record With Its Premiere Last Night

Thursday, August 15 by
I presume this is a star of 'Duck Dynasty', but it could just as easily be a viewer.  

I don’t really know what to make of this, so I’ll just present the facts, then offer the most insight I can into what can be made of this information.

Duck Dynasty launched its fourth season last night on A&E. The show had set a ratings record for unscripted cable shows at about 10 million viewers in its season three premiere. Last night, the show got 11.8 million viewers, which means that almost two million new people decided that they love beards or ducks, or guys with beards wearing camouflage.

The show has shattered every cable show save for The Walking Dead, and last year had even knocked off network juggernauts like American Idol.

So…people love ducks. And rednecks. More so than they do quality scripted programs.

And there you have it. Television’s biggest success story of the decade…Duck Dynasty.

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