Dr. House To Travel The U.S., Singing The Blues

Wednesday, July 31 by
Open your eyes, Hugh. No one's that soulful.  

Do you miss the FOX medical drama House? Me neither, but if you have a fondness for Hugh Laurie, or heavily marketed blues-rock tours, this might be up your alley.

As demonstrated several times over the course of House‘s run, Hugh Laurie has a penchant for piano and guitar. Which, celebrity code dictates, means that he must be in a generic blues-rock band with some overly-quaint name.

Not one to break from tradition, Hugh Laurie has assembled the Copper Bottom Band and will terrorize middle America and middle Canada with Dr. John covers in their respective regional theaters.

To see if your city is one of the unlucky ones, click here.

Spoiler alert: It’s going to be either sarcoidosis, lupus, or Wilson’s Disease.

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