Dr. Drew Proves At Least Courtney Stodden’s Boobs Are Real (Video)

Tuesday, November 8 by

BREAKING NEWS! Teen bride Courtney Stodden went on Dr. Drew’s show to silence the rumors that she’s had breast augmentation by getting a breast exam.

MORE BREAKING NEWS! Teen bride Courtney Stodden wore stilettos to a breast exam.

This clip isn’t without its drama. Though the boob-squeezers do conclude that the 17-year-old girl they’re feeling up does in fact have large naturals, there is a tense moment when it looks like she may have fake boobs.

DR. DREW: Courtney, do you have implants?

COURTNEY: No, I don’t. No. Do you have implants, Dr. Drew?

DOUG: Hahaha.

DR. DREW: No. But I wouldn’t have lumps under my muscle in the pec region.

COURTNEY: Well, maybe you would… if… you know… if I’m gettin’ some here.

Luckily, it turns out her boobs are real and everyone walked away as friends. That’s a relief. I’d hate for things to be tense when they reunite in a few years for Celebrity Rehab.

You know who also was relieved? This lady. She seems pretty invested.

Inquiring minds.


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