Lost's Doug Hutchinson and his teenage bride (who is 3x his junior) Courtney Stodden are in love, you guys. And now they've found a new outlet to simultaneously gain attention while wondering aloud why they are gaining so much attention. Of course, they are hard at work on a reality show. Courtney's mom tells E! Online:
"It's going to show people what they can teach each other from different generations," she told E! News. "They're going to touch on family issues. There was a lot of judgment about their marriage from Doug's side of the family, so it will touch on bringing families back together and why it's important to support family members even if you don't agree."

The show will also cover the cyber bullying Courtney claims has been happening to her, along with rumors of her getting plastic surgery.

"Courtney having to prove to people she was real, that she's never been under a plastic surgeon's knife," Keller said.

The show has not started filming yet, but does have a name already, though they haven't released it, and the couple tells E! News they are excited to have chosen a production company.

I know they've already got a name for the show, but please might I suggest the title Statutory Days? I think you'll find it has an elegant ring to it.