While Twitter enters panic mode as Community cancellation rumors swirl, the New York Times is reporting that the show is not quite dead, and will only be off the air a short time. By "New York Times," I mean two of its writers, and by "reporting" I mean tweeting.

"Community" is definitely NOT cancelled, NYT's Bill Carter says, two cubicles over," tweeted Brian Stelter, Carter's coworker. "NBC says it'll be off the air for only a brief time."

Rumors of the show's cancellation began when NBC released its Midseason 2012 schedule, which didn't include any mention of Community. Understandably, this was cause for concern. However, the fact that NBC has not outright cancelled the show means there's still some hope that it will be used to fill in a gap once the network decides to cancel a poorly performing midseason replacement. Of course, I'd much rather NBC just bring the damn show back for a full run, but with Community's ratings in the toilet, I'll be happy to see the show survive in any way shape or form. If that means a few less episodes on the back end, so be it. (Source)

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