Aaron Paul, a guy who consistently seems to be completely excited about everything, doesn't appear to be super-excited about the prospect of appearing in Better Call Saul. In fact, he seems excited NOT to star in it, despite Vince Gilligan pledging that we will see both Walt and Jesse in the Breaking Bad spinoff.

Let's go straight to the source, Mr. Paul, who offered this up to the Huffington Post:
“There’s rumors floating around that I’m going to be [appearing on Better Call Saul], but that’s simply not the case. To be honest, it’s not gonna happen.”

Well, shit. That's pretty cut-and-dry. I mean, the guy did Need for Speed. That movie flopped, and now he's flat-out refusing to go back to the very well that made him a star?

On the plus side, this does afford him the opportunity to call people "bitch" even more frequently than he already does.