Don Johnson is sailing back into network TV waters. Now he's trading his trademark white suit for whatever it is not-gay Beverly Hills hairdressers wear. Something fashionable? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe they wear white suits too?

Television's Don Johnson (Miami Vice, Eastbound & Down) stars in a new pilot for NBC called "A. Mann's World." You see, the character's name is Allan Mann, but if you abbreviate the first initial, and put a little pixie dust on it, punny television title magic occurs. Here's the plot:
Allan Mann, a Beverly Hills hairdresser and salon owner in the vein of Warren Beatty in Shampoo, now in his '50s, struggles to stay relevant. The show will explore men's struggle with aging, a businessman's refusal to give up and his decision to expand his business while supporting three families.

This hour-long dramedy series sounds... not for me. If I wanted to watch guys in their 50's struggle, I'd prefer they be has-been professional wrestlers duking it out in high school gymnasium. (Hollywood Reporter)