Don Johnson Finally Becomes ‘A. Mann’ For NBC

Friday, February 25 by

Don Johnson is sailing back into network TV waters. Now he’s trading his trademark white suit for whatever it is not-gay Beverly Hills hairdressers wear. Something fashionable? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe they wear white suits too?

Television’s Don Johnson (Miami Vice, Eastbound & Down) stars in a new pilot for NBC called “A. Mann’s World.” You see, the character’s name is Allan Mann, but if you abbreviate the first initial, and put a little pixie dust on it, punny television title magic occurs. Here’s the plot:

Allan Mann, a Beverly Hills hairdresser and salon owner in the vein of Warren Beatty in Shampoo, now in his ’50s, struggles to stay relevant. The show will explore men’s struggle with aging, a businessman’s refusal to give up and his decision to expand his business while supporting three families.

This hour-long dramedy series sounds… not for me. If I wanted to watch guys in their 50’s struggle, I’d prefer they be has-been professional wrestlers duking it out in high school gymnasium. (Hollywood Reporter)

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