Dispatches For Our Irrelevance Desk: Roseanne Barr Cast In ‘The Office’ Final Episodes

Wednesday, January 30 by
Looks like she's become more normal in later life.  

In a very misguided grasp of the words “celebrity” and even “actor,” The Office, in its twilight hours, has wrangled Roseanne Barr to appear on the show as a talent agent, there to rescue Andy and his dream of entertaining America.

I didn’t know Andy had an inclination for entertaining, besides his well-documented experiences in Here Comes Treble. Oh well. I guess you miss a lot of new information when you don’t watch a show for its last five years.

Anyway, for the millions of our readers that are huge fans of Roseanne Barr and late-era The Office, this is your Woodstock. Make hay while the sun is shining.

Community gets John Goodman, The Office gets Roseanne. Seems about right.

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