This is a touchy subject whenever I bring it up around here, but"Dexter" is an uneven show. First two seasons were great, third season was a departure from that level of quality, Season Four was weird, twisted, gut-wrenching and ultimately fantastic. And then came Season Five: the weakest the show has even been. Characters acted completely out of sync, story-lines were inexplicably dropped, Julia Stiles over-acted, and there were cheap CSI-style graphic effects pounded over our heads. Naturally, it was also the series' highest rated.

In spite of that, Season Five showrunner Chip Johannessen will not be returning to muck up the sixth. Executive Producer Scott Buck will be stepping up to lead the show, hopefully, back to its former greatness. You can't be completely pissed at the direction the show took this past season, however. After all, it did introduce us to a cat that hiccups and farts at the same time.

Ha ha. So gassy. (Deadline)