Since I'm talking about the season finale of a show, there are going to be SPOILERS. Dexter went out with something less than a whimper two nights ago, causing both fans and critics to say things like "Oh, that Dexter finale was so bad, I wish I was dead," or "Those improvement early last season on Dexter were just a fluke. The finale sucked. Pass me the hummus. "

The show ended with sister Deb dying, Dexter abandoning his baby, and becoming a lumberjack in the woods, with an ending that seems to ignore the fact that Dexter has a pathological need to kill in his body, perhaps replacing with the satisfaction of the slow, methodical extermination of spotted owls.

What's most amusing about the exit is that the fans seem to think that the show was doing just fine until the finale, which somehow failed to live up to the standards the show had set, when in reality, it was completely on par with this season as well as the Colin Hanks season which may have rewritten the book on bad television. Anyway: No movies, no spinoffs, no prequels. It's done now.

We're safe.