Dexter Morgan will meet his most pockmarked rival yet in the form of Edward James Olmos. The veteran actor will take time from his busy schedule of clinging tenaciously to the "Battleship Galactica" franchise for a major season-long arc on the upcoming sixth season of Showtime's"Dexter."

On the drama he will play a charming professor of religious studies who doesn't realize he's actually an android tasked with the unenviable job of keeping a tight leash on Crockett and Tubbs. I'm sorry. I've mixed up my Olmos history again. He'll only play a charming professor of religious studies it turns out. This fits nicely with the recent news that Mos Def has joined the cast to play an ex-con who has found religion. Seems like he's found it with the help of Edward James Olmos. Also, it sounds like they're killing people. Keep it up, guys and Jesus will definitely revoke your homeboyship. (Deadline)