Good news for people who like serial killers and ridiculous plots (I kid because I love). Showtime has renewed "Dexter" for its sixth season. The news comes on the heels of last Sunday's ratings bonanza, which saw 2.54 million viewers tune in. It was the series' highest rated night thus far.

The big question is how will the writers keep the show from going stale? They've already pulled out most of your standard TV cliches: long-lost relatives, unexpected character deaths, a new baby, big-name guest stars, etc. I guess the only options left are time travel or a cheesy cross-over with another show."Weeds" would be the natural cross-over route, but why not kill two birds with one stone by sending "Ye Olde Dexter" back in time to meet the "Tudors?" I've already got a spec script waiting, Showtime! Call me. (Variety via Vulture)