[post-album postid="17585" item="1"]He took on cops with the brilliant-but-canceled "The Job" and firefighters with "Rescue Me," but now Denis Leary has his sights on another series about professionals wh drive fast to accident scenes. USA Network has hired Leary to develop and co-write an adaptation of the hit British series, "Sirens." The comedic drama follows the day-to-day of a group of paramedics. So think"Scrubs" with less terrible jokes and more Lenny Clarke.

It' unknown right now if there will be a role for Leary on the show but there's one there if he wants it. USA's SVP of original programming Bill McGoldrick says, "This is not a vehicle for Denis, and smartly I think," McGoldrick said. "I don’t think you necessarily want to see him as the lead of a show so soon after Rescue Me, but ... after we get the script where we want it there may be more of a supporting thing."

Perhaps he could play a landlord who the EMT's have to pretend to be gay around so that they don't get evicted. (THR)