Times are tough. Luckily the Juggernaut that is Screenjunkies has remained relatively unaffected.  You might have noticed some interruption in content lately like missing movie reviews and TV recaps.  This was due in most part to a move from our old headquarters in Dubai to our new offices just outside of Missoula, Montana. 

Previous headquarters. Dubai, Emirates:

New Offices.  Outside Missoula, Montana:

(Note: We are now selling Grape Nehi and Grooves Chill Tonic)

Trust us when we tell you that we’re well on the path to even greater greatness than has ever been seen before in the history of greatness. We have some amazing ideas kicking around (partner yoga with Francis Ford Coppola, a Twister competition between Michael Bay and Brett Ratner) and some stellar new talent on the roster.  The future, dear reader, is bright.

In the meantime, we’re always interested in hearing more of your thoughts. Tell us what you like. What you hate.  What you don’t even have an opinion about. The contact email remains:


I Remain,
Max Powers
Editor in Chief